Treatment & Prevention

GYNATROF: Treatment & Prevention

Who can benefit from using GYNATROF?

  • Menopausal women
  • Women who should not or choose not to take hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
  • Women who have recently given birth or who are breast-feeding
  • Women taking oral contraceptives
  • Women with certain medical conditions (diabetes, cancer, etc.) who may experience dryness
  • Women using a pessary, for insertion and maintenance

Developing a routine with GYNATROF, that naturally rehydrates the delicate tissues of your vagina, is the secret to preventing and over-coming vaginal dryness and discomfort.

Directions & Dosing

GYNATROF is applied into the vagina and to the surrounding perivaginal area to both relieve and prevent symptoms of vaginal atrophy. For best results, we recommend:

The reusable applicator should be disassembled and cleaned following each use. Click here to download step by step applicator cleaning instructions.

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You now have the power to ditch the stigma and take back control of your confidence!

It’s smart to be informed – especially when it comes to your vaginal health.


  • A non-hormonal option that enhances the ease and comfort of sexual activity
  • Supplements the body’s natural lubrication
  • Fast onset of action with effective reduction in severity of vaginal dryness, burning, itching, & painful intercourse symptoms.1
  • Significant reduction in symptoms in first week of treatment.2
  • Most symptoms completely eliminated after only 8 weeks.2
  • Fragrance Free
  • Glycerin Free
1. Chen, J et al. Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of hyaluronic acid vaginal gel to ease vaginal dryness: a multicenter, randomized, controlled, open-label, parallel-group, clinical trial.. J. Sex. Med, 10: 1575-84.
2. Morali G et al. Open, non-controlled clinical studies to assess the efficacy and safety of a medical device in the form of a gel topically and intra-vaginally used in post-menopausal women with genital atrophy; ArzneimForsch/DrugRes 2006; 56, No. 3, 230-8.

You no longer have to suffer in silence and let vaginal dryness drive you crazy. You now have an option to deal with vaginal dryness and conquer the pain and discomfort it causes. If you need an effective and clinically proven vaginal dryness treatment, then GYNATROF is the perfect choice.

SOGC Recommendations and Treatment Considerations:3,4

Vaginal moisturizers applied on a regular basis have an efficacy equivalent to local hormone replacement for the treatment of local urogenital symptoms such as vaginal itching, irritation, and dyspareunia, and should be offered to women wishing to avoid use of hormone replacement therapy.

3. Sturdee DW et al. International Menopause Society Writing Group. Recommendations for the management of postmenopausal vaginal atrophy. Climacteric 2010;
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